Spray painting ceiling voids

Spray painting ceiling voids is an excellent and efficient means of improving the appearance of an interior roof space. Due to this, spraying ceiling voids is becoming an increasingly popular way of updating the interior of a premises. The ceiling void is the space between the internal roof and the ceiling level. In some buildings the ceiling void is left uncovered, whilst in others it is covered by a ceiling. Typically, the ceiling void is used as a storage space for hiding pipes and wires out of sight. This is because often, if left uncovered, these items can look messy as they often vary in colour, size and shape.

To avoid this issue, owners of commercial properties, such as offices, often choose to install a suspended ceiling in order to cover the ceiling void. Installing a suspended ceiling creates a flat surface over the wires and pipes in the ceiling void, however doing so dramatically decreases the height of the interior. Additionally, the installation of a suspended ceiling can be financially expensive and in some cases it can affect the acoustics within the building. In cases where a suspended ceiling has been installed, it can be easily refurbished with spray paint in order to create a fresh appearance within the building.

However, in buildings where a ceiling void has not been covered, a much cheaper alternative is to spray paint the ceiling void itself. Directly spray painting ceiling voids saves space within the building, whilst giving the interior an aesthetically appealing and contemporary appearance. All of the ceiling area, including the ceiling void, can be painted using spray paints. The main advantage of utilising spray paint is that it creates an even surface, even on irregular surfaces and hard to reach areas. A further advantage of spray paint is that it can be applied to any building material, this includes, plastic, concrete, galvanised metal and fibre glass. In order to paint these various materials, it is simply a matter of ensuring the most suitable environmentally friendly paint is selected for use. ORS, will be able to easily select the right coating and apply it.

Prior to commencing on spray painting a ceiling void, ORS ensure that polythene sheeting is placed over all interior furniture and surrounding walls. This process ensures that there is minimal disruption and no damage to the working environment. When painting begins, a member of ORS’s team of expert sprayers utilises ladders, stilts or towers in conjunction with the very latest HVLP and Airless spraying equipment to ensure the coating adheres to the numerous surfaces commonly found in ceiling voids. Due to this, the process of painting ceiling voids can be conducted quickly without interrupting the daily operations of the business.

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