Understanding UK External Wall Fire Regulations: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

The safety of buildings, especially in the wake of tragic incidents like the Grenfell Tower fire, has become a paramount concern in the UK. To address these concerns, stringent external wall fire regulations have been introduced. In this blog, we’ll break down these regulations, their implications, and how our services ensure compliance.

Combustible material ban

Since 2018, combustible materials have been banned in the external facades of buildings higher than 18 meters. This ban applies to various building types, including dwellings, student accommodation, care homes, hotels, and more.

As of December 2022, this ban extends to buildings with at least one floor above 11 meters in height.

Class A2-s1, d0 requirements

External surfaces of external walls and associated materials, like attachments and insulation, must meet a minimum classification of A2-s1, d0. This classification signifies limited combustibility and good fire resistance.

Metal composite material ban

There is a complete ban on the use of metal composite material with an unmodified polyethylene core, the same type used in Grenfell Tower. This ban applies to all new buildings and those undergoing construction work, regardless of height or purpose.

Understanding A2-s1, d0 classification

A2: Materials classified as A2 have limited combustibility and exhibit strong fire resistance, with minimal smoke and flaming droplets produced during exposure to fire.

S1: ‘S’ denotes the total smoke emitted in the first 10 minutes of fire exposure. S1 indicates little to no smoke production.

D0: ‘D’ signifies the number of flaming droplets and particles produced within the first 10 minutes of fire exposure. D0 indicates no droplets.

Our services and compliance

Any paint coating used on the external walls of relevant buildings must meet a minimum classification of A2-s1, d0.

Our experienced staff specialize in applying the Keim Soladit product, the only paint coating in the market that fulfils these stringent requirements.

Staying compliant with UK external wall fire regulations is crucial to ensure the safety of occupants and the integrity of buildings. By adhering to these regulations and using products like Keim Soladit, we prioritize safety and help you meet the highest standards of fire resistance and combustibility, providing peace of mind for building owners, residents, and stakeholders alike.

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